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At 71 years old I find that I sometimes forget the most important

I forgot to mention in my PRESS STATEMENT (on the 16th) in support of #Teamoutcast gripes that  Belle’s coach was not given credentials arranged by Ben Wordsworth (Head Coach SBX) to be on Sochi slopes until a 2 days before her race in her first Olympics and thus giving her little proper training even though she was there a week earlier.

On the other hand Wordsworth arranged that Chumpy was given the privilege to train on the race course itself 3 days before Belle giving him 5 days of training on that slope probably the biggest and  meanest course ever faced by BX athletes!

Jarryd Huhges was similarly affected but not so Cam Bolton, he had 5 days of training on the actual Sochi course along with Chumpy.

Jarryd Hughes and Belle Brockhoff  had only 2 days of training on the Olympic course at Sochi however Chumpy Pullin and Cam Bolton had 5 days of training at Sochi!

Blatant discrimination I call it wouldn’t you,  as not only does Belle get less funding by a huge factor but she can’t even train on the Olympic slopes as much as the ‘favoured ones’!


So where do our athletes rank in the eyes of other athletes and in the eyes those ‘in the know’ in the rest of the world

Representing ones country at the Olympics would have to be the ultimate goal and experience to be remembered all your life, however since numbers are limited, by country, then I am told by athletes that the Olympics are ranked second on their priority list of ‘who is the best’.

World Competitions held every two years. Certainly important in name but does not necessary reflect who is the best at this moment.

TOP of the the pile is the athletes ranking on the World Cup circuit where the competition is fiercest, has the most number of athletes competing, reflects skills of each athlete at this moment and is supposeabley used for OWIA scholarship awards see table at end of this page (excuse me what did you say!! HA HA HA).

The important consideration is as the season progresses and the more World Cups attended the luck factor is smoothed out and has less affect on FIS points standings.

Boarder Cross is a very chancy sport as we saw at Sochi.  To coin a few frases ‘You are a roster one race and a feather duster the next! OR as my mate said you can be a “Show Pony’ one race and a  ‘nag headed for the knackery’ the next race.

Where do the Aussie athletes rank  in terms of the all important FIS points based on World Cup and Olympic results.

Mens Leader Board FIS points as of the 28/3/2014

Jarryd Huges           4th     2090 points     Last Year  56th

Cam Bolton              40th    295 points      Last Year   32nd

Alex Pullin               53rd  130 points       Last Year  1st

Sochi 7th 2013

Daniel Morrissey    60th    89  points       Last Year  78th

Womens Leader Board FIS points as of the 28/3/2014

Belle Brockhoff    12th   1360 points       Last year   9th

Sochi 5th 2013

Sochi 8th 2014 – best result of both mens and womens

Torah Bright        18th   710 points      Last year 29th



My motto used over my last 20 years of racing 15m Racing Class gliders used to be “if you want to win races then you go to every race you can possibly get to, no matter how small or insignificant the race and how bad the weather!  The harder the conditions a better racing pilot make you.

I am seriously questioning as why Torah and Chumpy are not attending the last two World Cups because I would have thought Chumpy is in dire need of some FIS points so as to qualify for continuing OWIA funding and AOC support or does he know something we don’t know or is he above having to qualify for their support? Little did I know they now (October 2014) have a closed shop re monetarey support with no table to go by and purely arbitary decisiosn by Lipshut and his chronies  as to who gets what with even more secracy than before.  What  a joke is OWIA. Just look at the face of it at



I have asked OWIA  for the email addresses of following for over 14 months, but they have steadfastly refused my request – I wonder why?

Steven Bradbury OAM – Athlete Representative OWIA

Alisa Camplin OAM – Athlete Representative  OWIA – got that now

If you (the reader) know these email addresses you could detail them in the COMMENTS  area at bottom of the page I would appreciate it thanks.

I have a lot of unfinished business to do and would like to write direct to them.


It took the AOC 48 days to answer our Sports Lawyers first letter asking why Belle had not been awarded a OWIA B scholarship based on their own Selection Criteria table (at bottom of this page) and that was despite many follow up phone calls and emails.

Hardly an acceptable way to run a high profile organisation or were they just lost for words for a while? I really dont think they are used to being challenged!


Herald Sun article with the heading of “Snowboard star Alex “Chumpy” Pullin says funding rows didn’t affect his performance at Sochi Winter Olympics

Chumys words “………….my understanding of it (funding) as an athlete it is that is really straight forward and clean cut,” Pullin said.

“You get rewarded with program funding when your results show it.

“If you don’t earn those results, you can be a good bloke or whatever, you can be putting in the hard work, but the fact is the system is result-based. It’s the best way, because it is just clear cut…….” Chumpy Pullin


 MARCH 04, 2014 10:13

SORRY CHUMPY but you either don’t know or choose not to acknowledge that Belle Brockhoff qualifed for a OWIA C Scholarship in 2012 NOT AWARDED 

ALSO Belle qulified 3 times over for a OWIA B scholarship last year yet NOT AWARDED  even after I protested for 9 months and wrote an open letter to AOC 22nd  December last (open letter on this Gripes site).

Belle qualified 3 times over for a OWIA Scholarship in 2012/2013


– 3rd place Montafon Austria December 2012 (first women to do so in BX)

– placed in the top 10 after 2012/2013 season with a 9th based on FIS points (first women to do so in BX)

– or if the gents at OWIA chose not to look up their own published Selection Criteria table (see below) they could have awarded her a OWIA scholarship based on their own words listed at the top of the same table

“The OWIA may award Individual Scholarships in exceptional circumstances where it is determined that a scholarship will add significant value to an individual athletes program and ultimately enhance their performance.”

I would have thought that as Belle was the very first women to podium in BX (which gets into the Sochi team) and the first women to have ranked in the top 10 in the world at the end of last season then these were exceptional circumstances or did these gents have an agenda that was not obvious to the public. We have never been given an satisfactory explanation as to why Belle was not awarded a OWIA B scholarship.

Apart from the Selection Criteria Table (Page 20 SSA Hand Book posted out to ALL SSA members) she is up at the top of the list with Chumpy Pullin on the official SNOWBOARD SELECTION  PRIORITY AND RANKING LIST (Last table this page)

The effect on Belle has been devastating.

Belle did get NSWIS funding but was ‘lumped down’ with other athletes who did not get as good FIS points as her but after two letters from our Sports Lawyer Belle received extra funding from OWIA on top of the NSWIS funding in the following words of Wordsworth

“………. we’re going to fund Belle the equivalent of a OWIA B scholarship so financially you’re not out of pocket at all……”

I believe I replied “…..Ben why don’t you give her the bloody B scholarship and be done with it? Why don’t you give her the  OWIA blazer and title and give her the recognition she deserves and is craving for ……. what is stopping you?”  The question was avoided no explanation given and phone conversation soon ended.  <around 5 pm 11/7/2013>

Wordsworth also said the same thing to Belle during a ‘one on one’  cafe meeting in NSW  earlier that same day.

SEE full Herald Sun article with the heading of “Snowboard star Alex “Chumpy” Pullin says funding rows didn’t affect his performance at Sochi Winter Olympics

Coincidentally a mate of mine said the other day “I hope Chumpy is not now doing the “bidding of AOC”. My reply was that I did not think Chumpy would do that, I have a higher opinion of him than that after all he is a mentor of Belles, besides he really does not need to do the bidding for AOC to as the PRESS are doing more than enough ‘bidding’ for Coates, Lipshut Tancred, Chesterman AOC OWIA etc. But I did agree that Chumpy’s reported words in the article were not exactly ‘biting the hands that feeds’ him.  eg $1.35m over last 4 years.

Mr Coates: We never did get an explanation of the amount over the 1/2 million ?

Wonder why?


Lipshut says I never wanted to speak with him as to  why Belle was not awarded a OWIA B  scholarship yet qualified 3 times over for one in 2013 and in 2012. In May this year Belle Kristine and I were invited to Ice House for a conference with Lipshut Kennedy and Wordsworth. I pulled out at last moment as our welping Yorkshire Terrier showed clear sings of giving birth to our very first pup (and she did that night of the meeting) and foxes were decimating our lambs even in broad day light.

I needed to mind the farm and could not go which was probably a good thing as after listiening to the tape I think I would have politely excused myself and walked out of the meeting in sheer disgust about 3/4 way through.

We taped the meeting (with the consent of all) and after hearing it I dont think I ever want to be in the same room as Lipsut to hear his drivel and especially the way who talked down to my dear wife Kristine.

To hear the derisive laughs of Lipshut Kennedy and Wordsworth are sickening when Kristine suggested that putting all their “eggs in one basket” by supporting Chumpy only “was taking a very big risk”. Wordsworth stated that he “would be out of a job  if Chumpy did not bring back gold”.

Harold Brockhoff my Dad used to often say that only one thing worse in this world than a public servant dishing out public money was two of them handing out public money – they usually make you jump through more hoops than a jack russel in a circus.

<if any one wishes to hear the tape recording of this pathetic meeting then please email me at


My mate also mentioned that he thought it strange that Dean Gosper, who heads up OWIA, has been very quiet during and after Sochi?

Whilst my my mind is still on Roy and HG you might lke to look at a video on

MAD BAD DADS at Sochi starts at about 24.5 minutes into video–friday-21st-february?autoStart=true

I am still laughing but not as  much as Roy & HG’s performance 4 years ago doing a skit on Kevan Gospers press conferences – <there is a link  on this site>.


“It is not surprising to me that a passionate and committed sportsman who clearly demonstrated the value of fair play would speak up when he considers that either individuals or sport governing bodies are not abiding by their stated commitments.

Terry Cubley (Past President Gliding Federation of Australia)


Rebecca Wilson is RIGHT ON THE MONEY  to coin to an appropriate phrase with her following article.

I think everyone at AOC from John Coates downwards should read article below especially those running OWIA.


“Good one Coates?

Don’t bother addressing any concerns raised,  just resort to attacking someone who is critical of your organisation”     –  Shoot the messenger eh! 


Chesterman’s  press statement

“No man is an island” –  just look what you guys did to my daughter over the last 2 years .

That is sensationalism at its worst Sir and a pitiful attempt at ‘drawing a long bow’ indeed.

I have  been informed by two close and reliable sources  that your long and consistent hyped up media campaign was putting far more pressure on Chumpy well  before the Games started.  I even saw a life sized poster at bus stop on Punt Road yesterday (1/3/2014)  of Chumpy and some script about what he was about to do or the like. I was driving and was hard to see the wording.

MR Chesterman we were ‘rooting’ for Chumpy to win (see my Open Letter to OAC Dec 22 2013 on this site).  Why would we want to spoil it for a champion who Belle looks up to, who Belle claims as her mentor and continues to help her now. Why would we as parents want to “bite the hand that feeds us”

Whilst on the subject that is the very power they use to silence dissent or criticism by athletes. To my mind they almost have a flashing sign on their foreheads “Warning – don’t bite the hand that feeds you”. Just take it, be thankful and don’t complain that’s all your getting. Misbehave and you might not get any next time round. The athletes live in fear of your power.

Mr Chesterman you were the person I believe who insisted Belle (who suffers from anxiety in heavy traffic ) drive in to the center of Sydney (a city foreign to her) late on a Friday afternoon from the northern suburbs to have a 1 hour chat and place her in the position of having her join Sydney’s Friday peak hour traffic in a city she did not know and a $55 parking fee which she/I had to pick up. Not very sensitive I would have thought just for a chat to suit you. And you lot complain about timing and sensitivity!

You not only inconvenienced Belle and gave her acute anxiety but annoyed my wife Kristine intensely when she heard about the story to the extent she still talks about it to this day. She could not believe a person could do that to a young girl in a strange city!

Two years ago Belle  was eligible to at least a OWIA C scholarship based on results and last year she was eligible for a B scholarship based on results according to OWIA scholarship table  if not the exceptional clause on top of the table (see bottom of this page) so what did you guys do to my daughters feelings, her feeling of worth, her feeling of being supported by  her country rather she was she being subjected to the whims of Lipshut,  Wordsworth &  Gosper,  who are probably more concerned about their position,  power and their careers.

Fiona  De  Jong  Director of Sport at Australian Olympic Committee has been effectively sidelined from communicating with me, I believe, presumably  because of her views and those expressed in phone calls with Kristine and I  one lasting nearly 50 minutes.  I admire Fionas incisive understanding &  logic and would be happy to communicate with her any day.

–  She was disappointed in the system that had let Belle down

–  That the 4 year system does not cater for an emerging talent

–  The moving of the goal posts that we were witness to were unfortunate

–  The rules or guidelines have “wriggle room” if there is a will to use them

–  She is disappointed to hear about our experience with OWIA last year

–  If she was in “our shoes” she would do the same (Representations to OWIA)

–  That recognition effects mental confidence which has a big effect on performance (referring to Belles 3rd place Montafon and FIS ranking of 9th last season)

AND Mr CHESTERMAN  Belle is not doing so well this year in terms of FIS rating compared to last year because the difference this season is that she now knows she is not getting an OWIA B (little support NOR RECOGNITION) she was promised,  whereas last season she was performing with the confidence and joy knowing that she had support and recognition from AOC as she was going to be awarded an OWIA scholarship depending on her results as promised but ALAS Wordsworth led her astray. SEE table end of this page.

That’s a big incentive difference Sir or is it  just too hard for you guys to understand what effect it has on a you mind not to mention on her performance?

But there is more ………………..

Chief Executive Officer at Ski & Snowboard Australia,  sent me an email on the 7th of May claiming that whilst the SSA handbook was a public document (sent to all SSA members and up on its web site even now – link on this page somewhere) that the table at the bottom of page 20 headed  SELECTION CRITERIA  “……..was an INTERNAL OWIA document used to assign scholarship benefits to OWIA athletes. It is in the handbook purely for public information………” DID I READ CORRECTLY – AN INTERNAL DOCUMENT?

Now just try and get you head around that statement because I cannot.

Soon after that email was sent Kennedy attempted to explain that statement at two well attended meetings but was “laughed out of court”



FIVE RING CIRCUS by Justin Peters of SLATE

“Team Outcast” vs. the Australian Olympic Committee: Australian snowboarders Jarryd Hughes, Belle Brockhoff, Scotty James, and Torah Bright think they don’t get nearly enough support from the Australian Olympic Committee. This foursome has been calling themselves “Team Outcast” as a way to protest how the AOC allegedly supports some Olympians—like snowboarder Alex “Chumpy” Pullin—while leaving others to fend for themselves. Before the games began, James said, “We’re not part of a team and we are not helped along the way in our journey to the games or any other events.” This week, Brockhoff’s father released a statementblasting the federation for its cheapness and noting “anger and disgust among the Australian snowboard cross community” at the way Team Outcast had allegedly been treated.

Merit score: Bright is a celebrity who can support herself, to be clear, but the other Australian Outcasts aren’t quite as fortunate. I’m not sure what to think here, but I will note that Alex “Chumpy” Pullin failed to medal, so if the AOC is indeed unfairly favoring some athletes over others, well, the strategy appears to be ineffective. 5 out of 10 for the Aussies.”



Snowboard program expanded after rumblings from ‘Team Outcast’ and outburst from father of Olympian Belle Brockhoff

Lorraine Lock

Friday 21 February 2014

Sorry you will just have to cut and paste the next link as I don’t know how to set up a ‘proper’ link yet but we will eventually.

This is I have been told is a more balanced article than the rest of the Press who tend to rely on sensationalism and statements attempting to appeal to that most unfortunate Aussie syndrome of “lets cut the tall poppies down”.


“Bruce Brockhoff has run the gamut of emotions this week – happy, relieved, angry, worried, elated and apologetic. His daughter Belle is in Sochi competing for Australia in boarder cross at the Winter Olympics.

With her eighth place Belle ranked higher than any other Australian athlete in the discipline. She finished ahead of Torah Bright, who admittedly was never going to be a contender for gold in that race, despite the hyped-up television ads claiming otherwise.

Belle Brockhoff placed higher than the men’s favourite, world champion and opening ceremony flag-bearer Chumpy Pullin, who, in a huge blow to Australia’s medal chances, crashed out early in the quarter-finals.

Bruce Brockhoff wasn’t there to see his daughter compete in her first Olympic Games. He and his wife Kristine travelled to Europe to visit her before the Games, but stayed away from Sochi in protest at the treatment of their daughter by Australian sporting bodies.

Just minutes after Belle’s race, Brockhoff released a statement criticising the Olympic Winter Institute (OWI) and the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) for their perceived lack of support for his daughter in the form of scholarships and funding which, he maintained, she was entitled to receive.

The timing could not have been worse, with the men’s boarder cross race scheduled to start less than 24 hours later. The AOC, the media and the public were outraged.

Brockhoff issued an apology and on Friday told Guardian Australia: “I never meant to disrespect [the men’s competitors] Chumpy, Jarryd [Hughes] or Cam [Bolton]. It wasn’t aimed at them. It was a culmination of years of frustration about this. I just knew that straight after Belle’s race was the time to send out that statement.”

The funding pathway for Australian athletes is not what one could call clear-cut. The OWI, AOC, Ski & Snowboard Australia (SSA) and various state bodies are all involved in the allocation of funds.

In the SSA handbook, which lays out the funding and Olympic pathway criteria, there is a clause for discretionary awarding of scholarships “in exceptional circumstances where it is determined that a scholarship will add significant value to an individual athlete’s program and ultimately enhance their performance”.

Brockhoff maintains that his daughter was given clear targets to reach in order to receive support. He says her third place at a World Cup in Austria in December 2012 and her world ranking of ninth in 2012-13 should have ensured an offer of the promised scholarship, and that it was a blow to the snowboarder to find no such support would be forthcoming.

He says “the mental effect of being shunned by the very body that is there to support you can really be detrimental to your performance. We wanted Belle to feel that she was being supported and that she was a part of the team.”

It wasn’t just about the money, although the $10,000 a year Brockhoff says his daughter received over the past four years does pale in comparison to the $1m plus attributed to Pullin’s training regime (figures have not been released to confirm this amount).

Before the Games began Belle Brockhoff and other snowboard competitiors – including Scotty James, Hughes and Bright – banded together under the name Team Outcast, which they were openly using as a hashtag in seemingly benign tweets and Facebook updates.

The four athletes are very close and Bright has said: “Team Outcast is about making sure not just the top ones are taken care of but everyone else coming up too, is taken care of.”

Hughes told one Sydney blogger that “if you’re in #TeamOutcast you know who you are … and The General is the only one who can make you part of the team”.

Bright has since distanced herself from the group’s name, claiming it has been “hijacked” by aggrieved parents.

AOC president John Coates said “the timing of [Brockhoff’s letter] was “disgraceful” and “very unfair”.

Did it put more pressure on Pullin than was already there? There were also four years of intense preparation, the flag-bearing, the poster-boy TV campaign, the miles of media about his chances and the weight of Australia’s expectations riding on his race.

OWI boss Geoff Lipshut says Belle Brockhoff does not share the same “issues” as her father.

Belle is the only openly gay athlete competing for Australia, a badge she wears with pride. She has been outspoken about Russia’s LGBT laws and is very active on social media. She has endured gay-hate tweets and open hostility as well as support for her stance. Belle vowed to have her say and is doing exactly what her dad brought her up to do – to stand up for herself.

What kind of a father would he be if he didn’t lead by example?

On Thursday night the OWI released a statement announcing that Lipshut would be recommending a move to “an expanded snowboard cross program for the next four years that will include Belle Brockhoff, Jarryd Hughes and Cam Bolton as well as Alex Pullin”.

Lipshut said: “Four years ago the OWI built a program around Alex Pullin. It was tailored for Alex to win a medal at the Sochi Olympics. He missed a medal here in a very unpredictable sport but his performances over the past four years have warranted the support the OWI has given him.”

That support may finally be expanded to include the members of Team Outcast, which would indicate a successful campaign outcome – just not the one that the AOC was looking for.”


Bruce Brockhoff was a long term member of the Australian international Gliding team. A dedicated, committed and passionate competitor, he focussed on what he could do to ensure the best outcome, both personally and for the team. He was a multiple winner of national championships and represented Australia at many world gliding championships.

In addition to his personal commitment to excellence in the sport, he was also a key team player. Gliding is an individual sport, but relies on mutual support from other team pilots and team managers, coaches etc, and Bruce was a strong supporter of such an approach, and the benefits that it brings.

Bruce was also Australia’s representative to the International Gliding Commission (IGC) where he was able to personally influence the development of the sport. This gave him the opportunity to clearly understand the complexity of rule changes, team funding and team selections, regularly providing feedback to the national body so as to help improve our overall team performance.

He was awarded the Federation Aéronautique’ International (FAI) Airsport Medal in 1993 for ‘service to the sport of gliding’.

Bruce has been a benefactor of the sport and in particular donated a new building which houses the Australian Gliding Museum at Bacchus Marsh in Victoria.

It is not surprising to me that a passionate and committed sportsman who clearly demonstrated the value of fair play would speak up when he considers that either individuals or sport governing bodies are not abiding by their stated commitments.

Terry Cubley (Past President Gliding Federation)


Bruce I totally support your criticism of the  Winter Olympic Committee in their elitist approach to funding and hiding their own agendas behind a hopelessly complicated criteria for qualifying. It is ridiculous to try and justify massive funding for one person, in a  team event when that  particular event is subject to extraordinary levels of chance.  Their back down in agreeing to provide more funding for other equally deserving members of the team after constant criticism, was underlined by the failure of Pullin, albeit that he did his best . This group of self serving bureaucrats should be dumped and replaced with people who have credentials in sports management.

You may have opened yourself up to criticism over timing, but no one can argue that your intentions were anything but honourable and you were attempting to right a serious injustice. Belle should be very proud of her Dad and her family.

Best regards   Rob

      [5am 22.2.2014]
      Regarding  Guardian article above Kristine (Mum) Brooke (Sister)  and I purposely flew to Europe to be with Belle for 4 days, whilst she had her last days of training in St Johan Austria, to send her off to Sochi with big hugs and best wishes.

I guess the only other disappointment in this article was that I thought Lorraine was go to dwell on the fact that John Coates and the “well oiled a well funded” AOC public relations team continue to avoid and sidestep questions about how many dollars have actually been spent on Alex (Chumpy) Pullin.   Perhaps I am reading the wrong papers?

The highlight of yesterday (Thursday) was to receive a ‘one liner email’ from Mike Tancred (Media Director Australian Olympic Committee). Without quoting it verbatim he suggested it was a win and asked me if I thought it was a win that OWIA were going to recommend that Belle, Cam and Jarryd be awarded OWIA scholarships. (Attachment entitled “Scholarships to be offered to Winter Olympians”). I wonder why so early in the year as this normally takes place in Mid May if last year was the norm or at least any recomendations re scholarships have to ratified by the board in mid May?



22 February 2014 12:29am
AOC president John Coates said “the timing of [Brockhoff’s letter] was “disgraceful” and “very unfair”.
Good attitude Coates. Don’t bother addressing any concerns raised, just resort to attacking someone who is critical of your organisation.

[Shooting the messenger – Wikipedia, the free‎”Shooting the messenger” is a metaphoric phrase used to describe the act of lashing out at the (blameless) bearer of bad news…… Antigone by Sophocles as “No one loves the messenger who brings bad news”]


Thursday 20-2-2014

Kristine Brooke and I are still “over the moon” and very very proud of Belle not only of her sporting achievements at the Olympics (8th) top snowboard athlete at teh Olympics, but we are equally proud of her conduct and demeanour in interviews sometimes conducted by some scurrilous interviewers eager to appeal to the “tall poppy” jealousy’s endemic in Australia and who use dubious headlines to advance their careers and/or increase readership.

You had better get the facts right NICOLE JEFFERY AND JACQUELIN MAGNAY each time our lawyer wrote on our behalf more funds became a available above a NSWIS scholarship with Ben Wordsworth ultimately announcing to both to Kristine and I and Belle separately that …. “more funds had been found to bring support up to the level of a OWIA B scholarship so that you were not out of pocket…….”

This clearly indicates that our campaign had worked, financially at least, but yet OWIA still could not bring them selves around to giving Belle a blazer and a title of a OWIA B scholarship holder. They had given her every thing else.

To me it also indicates that they were trying to silence us thinking that funds were our main gripe where in fact it was the complete opposite. Funds yes were important but the overwhelming gripe was lack of recognition of Belles achievements with Belle being the first Aussie to podium in BX at Montafon and ending last season standings in 9th position which if you look at the table below slots her right in place for a B Scholarship. see a few lines down.

Even if OWIA could not bring themselves around to using her results to award her a OWIA B scholarhip for what ever reasons they chose to use they could have applied the words above the table and I quote (Page 20 SSA Handbook) “The OWI may award Individual Scholarships in exceptional circumstances where it is determined that a scholarship will
add significant value to an individual athletes program and ultimately enhance their performance.”

I would have thought that coming 3rd in a World Cup in Montafon (first Aussie to podium EVER) and ending up 9th in the world after all the world cups last season (first Aussie to ever rank in top 10 EVER) were exceptional circumstances. Note placings in World Cups carry more prestige for most competitors as there is more competition.

Go to page 20 of this link Headed Selection Criteria (current version)

2013 version

Regarding THE article in The AUSTRALAN newspaper today, by the way ladies I did not say I would be dancing on any graves rather I said and I quote “……there will be dozens of Aussies in the know “dancing on the graves”, so to speak,…” (end quote).

There are a lot of angry people especially Mums out there who are incensed with the way Belle has been treated by “servants of the public” as my father used to call them and others upset by the huge amount of money spent on one scholarship holder which no one from AOC specifically John Coates and Mike Tankred (media) have proferred up an amount and ovoid the question on every occasion. What are they hiding – is it more than $1.35m.

My dear dear wife even pointed out to those who attended a 2 hour meeting back in May at Ice House (Belle Kristine Wordsworth Kennedy Lipshut) that OWIA was taking a big risk by backing one only athlete AND THEY ALL laughed AT HER, Wordsworth said “then I wont have a job”???? That meeting is another story in itself and a tape recording is available made with the permission of all who attended.

Being 4-30 am I will retire hoping to correct a few more facts in today’s Australian article by NICOLE JEFFERY AND JACQUELIN MAGNAY.

I think the massive descrepencies in funding and the way they are decided should be totally reviewed by an independent authority even a Royal Commission is perhaps not out of order. At least divvy the funds up right down the middle like most of the sensible Europeans do and stop the Bureaucrats making up rules and forcing us to jump through unnecessary hoops. We are not the only ones who have to deal with servants of the public handing out public money, just ask those in the film industry who seek funding from the government.

I have had only one phone call and one email complaining about my timing. The rest have been very very supportive and here is one of them

“Hey Bruce—Don’t worry, what you did was emotional protection for Belle, a father’s duty and why wouldn’t you. Hey it’s the Olympics, a great honour to be selected and naturally a Father would be super protective over just a kid. It’s a big deal Bruce and emotions get high even maybe out of control. You’re only demonstrating what good fathers should do. Belle should not be disappointed in her performance. Not bad for a first attempt and she has plenty of opportunities ahead. In the Olympics at 21, Not bad mate- name withheld

Whilst we are on the topic of sensible Europeans I just had the pleasure of being past by others doing more than my legal 130 kph on freeways far less safe than ours. The most frequent thought that came into my mind is ‘go for it mate your used to it why not enjoy! Got even better in Germany where there is no speed limit! Bit hard to get used to the shock wave from a 4wd Porsche passing you at over 200 kph whilst I’m just sitting on 150 kph. Sure keeps your mind on the freeway and the mirror as they dont tolerate freeway hoggers.


8th Fantastic in Belles first Olympics. She has beaten me as I only came 12th in my first World Gliding Championships back in 1982 in Hobbs New Mexico USA?


I don’t mind that taxpayers fund Olympic athletes.
But I’m going to scream the next time I hear a funded athlete that travels the world , picks and chooses when and when they shall compete ,stays in good hotels , has a staff of sports psychologists , physiotherapists , masseurs , coaches and gawd knows what else and says ” I’M HERE TO HAVE FUN ” when he/she finishes last in his/her funded event of choice —– and then complains about the lack of funding and how hard life is being a so called ” elite ” athlete.


Kristine Brooke and I recently had 4 days with Belle in Austria with her Coach Lucas Prem before she flew down to Sochi


“The Australian team was second into the stadium after Greece, the birthplace of the Olympic movement.
“Just before we marched out my heart was really pumping and racing,” snowboarder Belle Brockhoff said.
“And when I got out there I thought I was going to have a heart attack.”
Putin appeared nervous at the start of the ceremony, particularly when one of five giant snowflakes symbolising the five Olympic rings failed to expand on cue.” Herald Sun Sport


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Issue of government funding making for frosty relations in our camp for Sochi Olympics
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AUSTRALIA’s Winter Olympic team is split into haves and have-nots – and a lack of funding for some athletes is limiting Australia’s winter sports potential, according to snowboarder Scotty James.

Death of Ross Milne

Belle Brockhoff ‏@bellebrockhoff Jan 20
TEAM OUTCAST represent!! “@TSCSnowCamp: Good luck #teamoutcast competing at @XGames @scottyjames31 @TorahBright @JarrydHughes #goaussies”
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Good luck #teamoutcast competing at @XGames @scottyjames31 @TorahBright @JarrydHughes #goaussies
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Belles 21st Birthday present coming 9th and she probably could have raced on Saturday? (12-1-2014)

Belle fell in practice and got concussion – not allowed to race on Saturday – bugger BUT got back in saddle Sunday to come 9th so looks like Olympics here we come!!!!!

Unfortunately she slips down the World ranking by not racing Saturday    (click on Vallnord-Arcalís)

We are told she is very much part of #teamoutcast along with Jarryd and Torah!?!?

OWIA Board of Directors
Geoffrey J Henke AO – Chairman
Dean Gosper – Deputy Chairman
Steven Bradbury OAM – Athlete Representative
Alisa Camplin OAM – Athlete Representative
Ian Chesterman – Chef de Mission, Australian Olympic Team 2014
Rino Grollo – Chairman Buller Ski Lifts
Matthew Favier – Director, Australian Institute of Sport
Craig Phillips – Secretary General, Australian Olympic Committee
Rod Read – Company Director, Sports television and sports marketing specialist
Alternates for Directors
Nick Whitby – Alternate for Rino Grollo (General Manager Buller Ski Lifts)
Nick Hunter – Alternate for Matthew Favier
Company Secretary
Craig Phillips – (ceased 10 October 2012)
Jocelyn Webb- (appointed 10 October 2012)

My opinions expressed above or implied are largely based on years of experience as
an International Competitor, International Coach, International Team captain,
International delegate to CIVV Paris France and Convener of the National Rules Making Committee  Gliding Federation of Australia.

I believe I have some idea what national support and recognition mean to one’s
confidence level and competition performance.

Bruce Brockhoff father of Belle Brockhoff Olympian

“The mental effect of being shunned by the very body that is there to support you can really be detrimental to your performance.” 

“…recognition of achievements effects mental confidence which has a big effect on performance….. ” 

pdf version of table below


Selection Criteria page 20 SSA handbook 14.8.2013

Selection Criteria SSA page 20 handbook 18.8.2012001 2 of 2   Snowboard Slection Priority & Ranking list

Advice from our Sports Lawyer Paul Horvath not followed to date

“In our view, the following legal claims could be brought by Ms Brockhoff against the OWIA for its failure to provide the scholarship on offer given that she met the qualifying criteria. These causes of action include:

1. Breach of Contract

This claim is based on the brochure produced by the OWIA and SSA which includes the Selection Criteria for scholarships. Ms Brockhoff is a member of SSA which sits above the OWIA. The terms within the handbook are terms of a contract between Ms Brockhoff and the OWIA. By failing to give Ms Brockhoff a scholarship, you have breached the contract between the OWIA and her, and failed to provide the scholarship to which she is now entitled, given that she has met the prescribed criteria.

2. Misrepresentation and/or misleading and deceptive conduct under the Australian Consumer Law
The Australian Snowboard Handbook (and its previous version) amounts to a representation made by the OWIA and SSA that if an athlete meets the criteria set, he or she will be granted a scholarship. Belle Brockhoff has substantially exceeded the required criteria, and yet has been denied a scholarship. Even if it said that the awarding of a scholarship is made on a discretionary basis, to deny Ms Brockhoff a scholarship given her attainment of the required results and criteria, amounts to an arbitrary and capricious exercise of discretion”.

3. Discrimination pursuant to the Equal opportunity and Human Rights Act (Vic) or the Sex Discrimination Act (Commonwealth).

There are a number of male athletes currently in receipt of OWIA/SSA scholarships whose results and international rankings are considerably below that of Ms Brockhoff.
Mr Chumpy Pullin, we understand, is allocated a number of separate scholarships. In fact his international ranking from 2012 to 2013 has reduced from 1st to 12th, below that of Ms Brockhoff.



“The mental effect of being shunned by the very body that is there to support you can really be detrimental to your performance.” Australian Coach

“…recognition of achievements effects mental confidence which has a big effect on performance….. ”  OWIA official


MAD BAD DADS   Roy & HG   (Last program from Sochi)

Starting at the 24th minute

THE FOLLOWING WEB SITE HAS MYSTERIOUSLY DISAPPEARED FROM THE WWW ALONG WITH THE GOSPER PRESS CONFERENCE EDITED AND COMMENTED ON BY ROY AND HG. (one can only speculate that the “power” of the Olympic Committee and/or its employees had some part in this process).

Mates comment:  “its repulsive to watch

Another comment: “Officialdom ……………. the way they treated athletes in Sochi over Chumpy saga was disrespectful – particularly the head guy – comes across as being dishonest…………..” 


Belle Brockhoff

Bruce Brockhoff

John Coates

Geoff Lipshut

Dean Gosper

Ben Wordsworth







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Australian Olympic Committee

Australian Sports Commission

Australian Sports Commission

Olympic Winter Institute

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Olympic Winter Institute of Australia

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